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AS11524 SEGNET FirstLight Fiber

AS number 11524 SEGNET FirstLight Fiber
This report generated
peeringdb.comPeering information

Sites on AS11524
HostnameInfo by 40 domains
ns1.segnet.comUsed by 37 domains
ns1np.valley.netUsed by 15 domains by 9 domains
ns2.m2s.comUsed by 8 domains
stonehenge.stonemarche.orgUsed by 7 domains
mail.feete.comUsed by 4 domains by 3 domains by 2 domains
gateway.colby-sawyer.eduUsed by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 644294
sc-deeds.nhvt.netUsed by 1 domains
peer-ASimport/export/bgpMacroThis IPOther IP
10809 NCIA North Country Internet Accessias10809
13536 TVC Tech Valley Communicationsb
19713 State of NH AS infoeany
20225 TELJET Longhaulb
22121 TOPSHAM COMMUNICATIONS Communicaias22121
33555 STONEMARCHE Network CoOp.as33555


BGPRegNetworkDescriptionAnnounced byRegistered by Fiber1152411524 Country Internet Access segnet route11524 Technologies, Inc.11524 of Manchester, NH Fiber Technologies, Inc.


Warning: RIPE flags used with a traditional server.
aut-num: AS11524
as-name: SEGNET
descr: FirstLight Fiber
import: from AS-ANY accept ANY
import: from AS22121 accept AS22121
import: from AS10809 accept AS10809
import: from AS33555 accept AS33555
export: to AS-ANY announce AS-FIRSTLIGHT-NH
notify: [email protected]
admin-c: IA93-ARIN
tech-c: IA93-ARIN
mnt-by: MAINT-TVC
changed: [email protected] 20131125
source: ALTDB

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