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AS217 ASN-UMN University of Minnesota

AS number 217 ASN-UMN University of Minnesota
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Sites on AS217
www.ipmworld.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2198
sustland.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2338
forestry.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2389
madison.borg.umn.eduUsed by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 2536
soils.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2680
www.hhh.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2727
umabroad.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2787
www.menet.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2866
dmc.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2909
ustores.umn.eduAlexa ranking 2971
www.class.umn.eduAlexa ranking 3930
x-160-94-160-44.nts.umn.eduUsed by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 4042
x57-249-130.mptl.umn.eduUsed by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 4050 by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 4054 by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 4058
www.dehs.umn.eduUsed by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 4075
www.cce.umn.eduAlexa ranking 4088 by 128 domains
ns-auth-2.umn.eduUsed by 39 domains by 19 domains by 18 domains
ns1.gimp.orgUsed by 17 domains by 16 domains
mail.oitsec.umn.eduUsed by 13 domains
mx9.d.umn.eduUsed by 12 domains by 10 domains
mail.indefi.netUsed by 9 domains
umnsites.claoit.umn.eduUsed by 8 domains by 7 domains
www.cla.umn.eduUsed by 6 domains
smtp-relay-2.enet.umn.eduUsed by 5 domains by 4 domains by 1 domains. Alexa ranking 332858 by 3 domains by 2 domains
peer-ASimport/export/bgpMacroThis IPOther IP
38 ASN UIUC University of Illinois at Urbanias-uiuc
eas217 as555 as5006
57 NL GIGAPOP Northern Lightsb
683 ARGONNE National Laboratoryas217 and not {}
ias683 as14702


BGPRegNetworkDescriptionAnnounced byRegistered by of Minnesota217217 route object217 of Minnesota Networking Services217 of Minnesota217
57 Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory217


Warning: RIPE flags used with a traditional server.
aut-num: AS217
as-name: ASN-UMN
descr: University of Minnesota
import: from AS57
accept ANY export: to AS57
announce AS217
admin-c: NTA-ORG-ARIN
tech-c: NTA-ORG-ARIN
mnt-by: MAINT-AS217
changed: 20030917
source: RADB

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