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AS3813 SOGANG-AS-KR Sogang University

AS number 3813 SOGANG-AS-KR Sogang University
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Sites on AS3813
HostnameInfo by 4 domains. Alexa ranking 122042 ranking 183333 by 5 domains by 3 domains by 2 domains by 1 domains
peer-ASimport/export/bgpMacroThis IPOther IP
3608 KRC AS KR Korea Rural Community Corporatiany
3786 DACOM NET LG Corporation in Seoulb
7623 HCNGYEONGBUK AS KR Gyeongbuk Cable TViany
9318 SKB NET auto generated aut num object fob


BGPRegNetworkDescriptionAnnounced byRegistered by [email protected] if necessary | SOGANG-AS-KR sogang university,KR38131237
3813 University3813
3813 Route Object by LG Dacom(AS3786) Route Object by DACOM(AS3786) Route Object by LG Dacom(AS3786) sogang university,KR3813


Warning: RIPE flags used with a traditional server.
aut-num: AS3813
as-name: SOGANG-AS-KR
descr: Sogang University
country: KR
admin-c: AM1707-AP
tech-c: AM1707-AP
import: from AS3608
action pref=100;
accept ANY
import: from AS7623
action pref=100;
accept ANY
export: to AS3608
announce AS3813
export: to AS7623
announce AS3813
default: to AS2563
action pref=100;
networks ANY
mnt-by: MNT-KRNIC-AP
mnt-irt: IRT-KRNIC-KR
changed: [email protected] 20040212
changed: [email protected] 20041221
changed: [email protected] 20060308
changed: [email protected] 20161017
changed: [email protected] 20161103
source: APNIC

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